• 5 Minute Yoga
    Media - https://www.thepartnershipineducation.com/resources/5-minute-yoga

    Yoga can help bring about a sense of calm and focus. Try this easy yoga routine for a quick and relaxing way to unwind from your day. Slow-paced and meant to inspire a sense of calm, this routine is perfect… [More]

  • 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Exercise
    Media - https://www.thepartnershipineducation.com/resources/5-4-3-2-1-grounding-exercise

    Mindfulness exercises can reduce stress and anxiety! Feeling anxious? Grounding exercises can help to calm anxious thoughts and keep you focused and mindful in your environment. The 5-4-3-2-1 method is a grounding exercise that can be done almost anywhere and… [More]

  • Amazing Cells: Cell Size and Scale
    Interactive Resources - http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/cells/scale/

    An interactive content module lets the viewer compare the size of cells with other items through use of a visual sliding scale, from a 1 mm square down to a 340 pm carbon atom.* This module, “Cell Size and Scale”… [More]

  • Be a Superhero Vet Lessons!
    Lesson Plans and Curricular Materials (Print, PDF) - https://www.facebook.com/watch/PurdueVeterinaryMedicine/2643093385909814/?_ga=2.236599236.413540422.1621858239-1069545384.1607981611

    DO you have what it takes to be a veterinary superhero? Find out:

  • BiblioTech™ “Jadyn’s Journey to Health - Life with a New Liver”
    Interactive Resources - https://www.thepartnershipineducation.com/resources/bibliotech-tm-jadyns-journey-to-health-life-with-a-new-liver

    An interactive reading experience about the liver and its functions Jadyn is a kid with lots of interests and talents. He loves soccer, Halloween, hanging out with his friends, and especially, playing the ukulele. But Jadyn can’t do all of… [More]

  • BiblioTech™ “REBOUND: Beating Concussions”
    Interactive Resources - https://www.thepartnershipineducation.com/resources/bibliotech-tm-rebound-beating-concussions

    An interactive reading experience about concussions, sports, and brain health Did you know that this year there will be an estimated 1.6 to 3.8 million concussions in the U.S. from sports and recreational activities? That will prompt a lot of… [More]

  • BiblioTech™ “Sierra’s Journey to Health - Life with a New Liver”
    Interactive Resources - https://www.thepartnershipineducation.com/resources/bibliotech-tm-sierras-journey-to-health-life-with-a-new-liver

    An interactive reading experience about the liver and its functions Sierra is a kid with lots of interests and talents. She loves soccer, Halloween, hanging out with her friends, and especially, playing the ukulele. But Sierra can’t do all of… [More]

  • BiblioTech™ CityHacks: In Search of Sleep
    Interactive Resources - https://www.thepartnershipineducation.com/resources/bibliotech-tm-cityhacks-in-search-of-sleep

    An interactive reading experience about sleep, circadian rhythms, and health. Did you know that two-thirds of American teens aren’t getting enough sleep? How much sleep should you be getting? What happens when you’re sleeping? What happens if you don’t get… [More]

  • BioEd Online
    Lesson Plans and Curricular Materials (Print, PDF) - http://www.bioedonline.org/

    BioEd Online, the online educational resource for educators, students, and parents. BioEd Online utilizes state-of-the-art technology to give you instant access to reliable, cutting-edge information and educational tools for biology and related subjects. Our goal is to provide useful, accurate,… [More]

  • Colors of Nature
    Lesson Plans and Curricular Materials (Print, PDF) - http://www.colorsofnature.org/

    The Colors of Nature project blends art and science through programs for students, families, and educators. Through a number of different activities that reach different audiences, we aim to: Illustrate that science is a creative endeavor, and that science and art overlap… [More]

  • Cyberchase
    Interactive Resources - https://pbskids.org/cyberchase/

    Developed for kids in grades K-8 and packed with mystery, humor, and action, Cyberchase is a PBS video series and online website that delivers positive messages about math by teaching concepts in a fun way that kids can understand. Cyberchase… [More]

  • DNA and Phylogenetic Tree Activity Guide
    Lesson Plans and Curricular Materials (Print, PDF) - https://www.thepartnershipineducation.com/assets/dna-and-phylogenetic-tree-activity-guide

    This activity uses a phylogenetic tree poster (adapted from the Spiral of Life mural series) and selected organisms from throughout the animal kingdom. Barcodes represent genetic makeup, and students must observe the similarities and differences between the barcodes to determine… [More]

  • DNA Bracelet Activity
    Lesson Plans and Curricular Materials (Print, PDF) - https://www.thepartnershipineducation.com/assets/dna-bracelet-activity-guide

    Students use beads and pipe cleaners in this activity to compare similarities and differences in their outwardly observable genetic traits like attached/unattached earlobes, right or left handedness, eye color, etc. Students learn what DNA is and how it impacts the… [More]

  • DNA Learning Center
    Interactive Resources - https://dnalc.cshl.edu/

    The mission of the DNA Learning Center is to prepare students and families to thrive in the gene age. We envision a day when all elementary students are exposed to principles of genetics and disease risk; when all high school… [More]

  • Dr. Allevable’s Lab
    Interactive Resources - https://www.thepartnershipineducation.com/resources/dr-allevables-lab

    Dr. Allevable’s Lab is a mobile app for iOS and Android devices where users can play games and explore topics related to Regenerative Medicine. Become a super scientist by playing: Stem Cell Wrangler Grow with the Flow S.O.S. Heart ‍… [More]