Grades 9-12 STEM-at-Home Activities

Science activities are fun to do at home

Baylor College of Medicine
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High school students are beginning to investigate many topics in depth online and through their courses. Choose from a variety of engaging learning experiences like easy reading materials that break down difficult complex concepts, career explorations, experiments, and a rescue mission. Topics include: learning how people become health professionals, modeling the HIV particle, understanding how your brain works and how fatigue can affect your body, planning a rescue of families impacted by a typhoon, and exploring the effect that space travel has on butterflies.

In these unprecedented times of school closures and Stay-at-Home notices, Baylor College of Medicine is offering a set of hands-on K-12 activities, grouped by grade level, that will enable parents and children to remain engaged in STEM learning until school operations return to normal. We call this collection STEM@Home. The lessons were selected specifically because they are easy to use at home, and provide high-quality STEM content without the need for specialized training, equipment or materials. We welcome you to investigate our STEM@Home activities, and to explore the entire BioEd Online website for accurate, free STEM educational materials.

Resource Contact:
Moreno, Nancy P. – PhD