Health, Nutrition, and Type 2 Diabetes

Polarised light micrograph of crystals of glucose.

Credit: Stefan Eberhard. Wellcome Images
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This 5-lesson unit + assessment teaches health concepts to high school students through the phenomenon of type 2 diabetes. The unit integrates national health standards and addresses both physical and social mechanisms that contribute to the growth of type 2 diabetes in our communities. Hyperlinked Student Road Maps allow the curriculum to be used for in-person, hybrid, or online education.

Lesson One – Genes and the Environment

Lesson Two – Our Environment: Access and Choice

Lesson Three – Sugar: From Fuel to Toxin

Lesson Four – What are we Eating?

Lesson Five – An Ounce of Prevention

Lesson Six – Assessment

These lessons can be taught independently or with the complementary unit created for use in high school biology classrooms.


Resource Contact:
Griswold, Joan C – MIT