Joan C. Griswold, MIT

Griswold, Joan C – MIT
University of Washington
Current SEPA Project
  • Genes, the Environment, and Me: Health and STEM Network (GEMNET)
    R25OD021869-01A1 : 08/04/2017 - 07/31/2022

  • I work with Maureen Munn at the University of Washington (Seattle) in the Department of Genome Sciences. We create and manage programs through Genome Sciences Education Outreach (GSEO). In August 2017, we received SEPA funding for Genes, the Environment, and Me: Health and STEM Network (GEMNet) which builds on prior funding. GEMNet will develop a cross-disciplinary approach for teaching and learning about type 2 diabetes in high school biology, health, and family and consumer sciences classes.

    Past SEPA projects include Genes, the Environment and Me (GEM), which centered on the theme of type 2 diabetes and the use of C. elegans in the high school classroom to provide context for learning about gene-environment interactions. Prior to that, I was involved with Collaborations to Understand Research and Ethics (CURE) and Collaborations to Advance Understanding of Science and Ethics (CAUSE) through the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research (NWABR).

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