Ethics of Access: Vaccines and Insulin

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In this lesson, students explore how we decide who has access to health care resources in the face of conflicting choices. Written for direct student access through a Google Site, this lesson can be used for in-person, hybrid, or online education.

Students progress through an ethical decision-making model in the context of a) vaccine availability during a global pandemic, and then b) insulin availability for people with type 2 diabetes.

By the end of this lesson, students have learned:

  • The field of ethics provides a systematic, rational way to work through a dilemma.

  • Ethical questions arise when individuals interact within a larger community and a decision must be made about conflicting choices.

  • Addressing health inequities is a complex process involving many stakeholder groups.

This lesson is part of the GEMNet Type 2 Diabetes lesson series.

Resource Contact:
Griswold, Joan C – MIT