Internet Neuroscience Resource — Phase II

  • Abstract

    This project will disseminate neuroscience materials to secondary school science teachers via a CD-ROM. These materials will be evaluated to 1) determine changes in student attitudes toward science; 2) to assess changes in student knowledge of neuroscience concepts and 3) to quantify how students and teachers are using the Internet Neuroscience Resource (“Neuroscience for Kids”). The Scientific Attitude Inventory-II will be used to evaluate middle school student attitudes toward science before and after exposure to the Neuroscience Resource. Pretesting and posttesting of middle school students will be performed to evaluate content knowledge of neuroscience-related concepts and principles. Questions that comprise the content evaluation inventory will be based on the guidelines and benchmarks established by the American Association for the Advancement of Science the National Research Council and the National Science Teachers Association. Prior to general distribution pretests and posttests for both attitude and content knowledge will be evaluated for validity and reliability with pilot group of middle school students. An Internet version of the Neuroscience Resource will continue to be developed.

  • Additional Information

    Phase II of this project will disseminate neuroscience resource materials that were developed in Phase I to science teachers at secondary schools. CD-ROM technology will be used to increase both access and the program-s appeal by adding animation and audio components that apply standards for inquiry-based science education. An Internet version of the Neuroscience Resource will continue to be available.