Basic Race/Gender Equity Program for Science Education

  • Abstract

    The long-term goal is to broaden our model program that currently targets African-American populations in the national capital area.

    The aim of the program is to:

    a) educate junior and senior high students and elementary school teachers directly; and

    b) provide opportunities for exploration of health-related sciences for the public at large (via an interactive website) so that topics in the biomedical sciences become “friendly and familiar” rather than the existing stereotype that science is erudite obtuse and incomprehensible.

    Specific objectives:

    1. Design hands-on experiences in science laboratories and opportunities to interact with scientists in the setting of a sophisticated research institute; especially target under-represented minorities students from inner city schools and other local schools where science opportunities may be limited. This will include junior and high school students elementary school teachers as well as interactions with Children’s Museum and other similar organizations.
    2. Set up interactive web-based informatics to include: i) a system where high school students could refine the question they are posing for science projects by discussing it with a professional scientist; ii) a general “ask-the-expert” site for science and health issues; iii) a reference site containing the detailed experimental protocols for student experiments; and iv) an interactive resource to aid teachers throughout the US to establish contacts with scientists.
  • Additional Information

    The goal of this project is to extend the reach of current health science programs that are targeted to females African-American junior and senior high school students and elementary school teachers located in the Washington DC metropolitan area. The project includes laboratory apprenticeships student mentoring and an interactive website to help students and teachers establish contact with scientists nationwide.

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