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Volume: 1, 2 July 2018
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News, Events and Updates for the SEPA Community

Congratulations to Ann, John, and Virginia, each of whom received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring. We thank them for their consistent and significant contributions to the SEPA program.

 NIGMS News Announcement 

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NIGMS Announces Ming Lei, Ph.D. as Director

Division of Research Capacity Building: SEPA

National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) Director Jon R. Lorsch, Ph.D., has announced the selection of Ming Lei, Ph.D., as director of the Institute’s Division for Research Capacity Building. DRCB is composed of four programs, one of which is the Science Education Partnership Awards.

 Explore SEPA 

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Campaigning for Public Health

Students as Public Health Investigators

The San Francisco Health Investigators projects allows high school students to enter the world of epidemiology as they investigate the awareness, knowledge and attitudes about current health issues in their communities. This year's focus is on the SF Cancer Initiative.

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PI Update: STEMM Success with PiPES!

Possibilities in Postsecondary Education and Science for Rural Appalachian Youth

Now in its fourth year, the successful PiPES program has served over 1,500 tenth graders via summer camps at the University of Tennessee. All campers indicated that the PiPES camp helped them learn about science research and different types of science careers, while nearly half noted that PiPES changed their ideas about STEMM careers.

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Tapping the Focus of Young Athletes

A Unique Partnership for STEM Learning

Boston University's CityLab and Urban Squash program engages student-athletes in science by having students collect and analyze their own physiological and athletic performance data. The pilot test confirmed that students are engaged by collecting data about themselves and that students can generate questions which they can then investigate scientifically. A second curriculum module is in development.

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Using Good Foods to Fight Environmental Toxins

Which Foods can Mitigate Harmful Effects of Environments?

The Fighting with Food projects brings chemistry and food to the forefront as powerful tools for health. Middle and high school students explore unhealthy chemicals found in foods and discover which foods might be used to mitigate those harmful effects.

 Tips and Resources for SEPA PIs 

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Share the Knowledge

Which Program Elements Keep Your Project Moving Forward?

Let us promote your project’s successes and how you accomplished it via the SEPA News section of our site and the SEPA Community Newsletter. All news stories are shared on SEPA social media sites, and also are promoted on NIGMS social media pages. To share a news story, or update/edit project information, you will need to register as a SEPA Contributor.

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Use Media to Promote Your Work

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