Scientastic! Are You Sleeping?

Join Cassie and her younger brother on an epic voyage of Scientastic proportions, as they uncover the truth about sleep and learn how it impacts our lives – from our mood, to learning and playing sports, to creativity, and much more.
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Live action & animated TV program

Join Cassie and her family as they uncover the truth about sleep!

Werewolves! Brain-stealing aliens! Snoring! Or worse, a math test Cassie can’t seem to stay awake for! Join Cassie and her alter ego Scientastica as they unlock the mysteries of sleep and discover the many unexpected consequences of not getting your proper zzzzz’s. This musical adventure will take you to fun scientific and historical sites, with special guest star, and anthropology expert, Dr. Matthew Wolf-Meyer!

“Are You Sleeping?” is the winner of two 2015 Mid-Atlantic Region Emmy Awards for Children/Youth/Teen Program or Special and for Music Composition/Arrangement. It was distributed by American Public Television to more than 100 public television stations.

Resource Contact:
Pollock, John A – PhD