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Welcome To PEAS! Children’s natural curiosity provides the perfect foundation for you to nurture interest in science!
However, we understand

planning for science learning in the preschool classroom can be tricky. In our many conversations with Head Start teachers, we have heard you describe challenges with creating developmentally appropriate science learning experiences, including limited time, lack of science training/knowledge, difficulty identifying developmentally appropriate activities, insufficient resources, and more. While you may be able to find many ideas for science learning online, some online activities fail to engage children in the science learning that is important for preparing children for kindergarten. For example, popular activities may focus more on craft projects versus exploration. While, these activities may save time because they are quick and easy to find, they do little to support children’s learning. PEAS’ takes an alternative approach treating you as a partner in designing science learning activities and building on your expertise, knowledge, and creativity. When you are confident in your own knowledge and ability to create science learning activities independently, it can positively impact children’s engagement and interest in science, and ultimately better prepare them for kindergarten. The PEAS Institute for Early Childhood Teachers was founded to support you as you create high-quality, integrative science learning activities for your classroom!

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Stage, Virginia C – PhD, RD