Is In-Class Physical Activity at Risk in Constructivist Physical Education?

Published:2007, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
Authors:Chen A, Martin R, Sun HC, Ennis C
Type:Project Generated

caloric expenditure, elementary school education, health benefits

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Constructivist physical education emphasizes cognitive engagement. This study examined the impact of a constructivist curriculum on in-class physical activity. Calorie expenditure in metabolic equivalents (MET) and vector magnitude count (VM) data from a random sample of 41 constructivist lessons were compared with those from a random sample of 35 nonconstructivist lessons. Statistical analyses revealed that students in both curriculum conditions were active at a similarly low-moderate level (MET=2.6 for experimental, 2.5 for comparison, p=.30). Differences (p<.05) were found between the three units within the constructivist curriculum. The findings suggest that the constructivist approach may facilitate knowledge learning with little risk of reducing in-class physical activity.