Functional Anatomy of the Cardiovascular System: Professional Development for PreK-3 Teachers Using a ‘”Train and Equip“ Method Results in Learning Opportunities for Students

Published:2008, Anatomical Sciences Education
Authors:Burns ER
Type:Project Generated

cardiovascular, heart, lung, PreK-3 teachers, anatomists, professional development, diversity

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Preadolescent students are interested in learning the structure and function of the human body. However, their teachers are not trained in this content. The purpose of this project was to expand a successful outreach effort in the health sciences for grade 7-12 teachers to include PreK-3 teachers. A Healthy Hearts workshop was offered to train the teachers in relevant content and also to give them a resource kit of supplies and equipment to facilitate the transference of the training into educational opportunities for their students. The workshop included many role-playing activities and use of all items in the resource kit. A total of 25 workshops were conducted in 14 different community locations with 716 PreK-3 teachers attending from 169 communities representing 59 (79%) of the state’s 75 counties. African American (AA) teacher participation was 35%, twice the state AA population rate and 3.5