Disseminating the Positively Aging Teaching Materials: Results of a Controlled Trial

Published:2005, Educational Gerontology
Authors:Lichtenstein MJ, Pruski LA, Marshall CE, Blalock CL, Liu Y, Plaetke R
Type:Project Generated

dissemination, evaluation

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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of two dissemination methods for the Positively Aging teaching materials. Design and Methods: Four middle schools in San Antonio , Texas participated in a 3-year controlled study of dissemination via distance electronic support alone (control) compared to distance electronic support plus in-school support from the Positively Aging staff (intervention). Website and classroom utilization of lessons were actively tracked during the study. Results: Intervention school teachers accessed an average of 57 web pages/month (SD=81) compared to 17 web pages/month (SD=56) by control teachers (p=0.011). Classroom use of materials increased during the study and the interaction between the schools and study year was statistically significant (