Meta!Blast: An Immersive Interactive Learning Module for Cell Biology

  • Project Description

    This project will result in Meta!Blast an interactive software module on cell biology that will immerse students in a three-dimensional biologically accurate plant cell. Individual biological concepts will be parsed into student tasks while keeping these tasks in the context of the whole environment. Meta!Blast will combine sophisticated simulation technology with accurate biological information allowing students to explore and interact with a cell to discover concepts such as cellular energetics gene function cellular defenses against pathogens and the consequences of compartmentalization. The application will dynamically illustrate modern concepts in cell and metabolic biology prepare students for their public role and stimulate students to join the biological and medical teaching and research professions.

  • Abstract

    Miami University ‘s SEPA grant supports four one-week summer institutes that are designed specifically for middle and junior high school teachers. Activities included visits to health science industries and agencies classroom work and lab experiences to improve the scientific knowledge base of the health science teachers. Topics include addictive drugs community resources in the health sciences animal research and human responsibility and updating genetic technology. In addition health science partnerships will be established among scientists educators and community groups in southwest Ohio. To facilitate communication and dissemination of project information and materials computer linkages are being formed among these science education partners. Over the three-year period of the grant 120 teachers will participate in this institute.