Bone Zone

  • Abstract

    Found in gravesites. Buried in the backyard. Lurking and scaring neighbors at Halloween. The stuff of legendary Hollywood horror films. But in reality bones are so much more. They are the living growing framework of life. Bone Zone a dynamic traveling exhibit to be developed by the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis will let visitors explore the mystery inside the body so long hidden by skin fur or other outside covering. By capitalizing on the fact that visitors bring a portion of the exhibit into the gallery with them (their own bones) these visitors will learn that they too have bones and that their bones live and grow along with them. A great need for this type of exhibit exists because most people do not identify the skeleton as one of the body’s major functioning systems. The cardiovascular and respiratory systems are most commonly cited. However the skeletal system provides key functions. Visitors will learn the key functions this system fulfills as well as learn that bones are alive – most youth have the misconception that their bones are dead. The exhibit will showcase myriad human and animal bone scenarios in well-developed contexts that will help visitors understand the information presented. Interactive hands-on activities will be highlighted in Bone Zone. Visitors will see the skeletons of other animals and play a game where they learn the difference between bone and pseudo-bones such as scales. In another area visitors will observe bone cells in a microscope see a large-scale depiction of a bone and watch the bone cells at “work.” The exciting and innovative 5000-square-foot exhibit will be showcased at the museum beginning in 2001.

  • Additional Information

    The goals of the Bone Zone project are to: Develop an interactive traveling exhibit about bones to promote an understanding of the skeletal system and bone-related diseases among children and the public Develop curriculum materials and workshops for teachers Stimulate interest in health science careers. Bone Zone will emphasize interactive hands-on activities