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This month, Juli Rose, NIGMS’s Biomedical Beat contributor, posted an in-depth article about the SEPA-funded Hexacago Health Academy (HHA) at The University of Chicago. HHA engages high school students in learning about and addressing major health issues through game play, interaction with STEM and health professionals, and mentoring.

In the article, Melissa Gilliam, cofounder of HHA and founder of the Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry & Innovation in Sexual and Reproductive health (Ci3), states, “HHA is much more than just game design and play. Students have no idea that what they’re doing is learning. In their minds, they’re really focused on designing games,” says Gilliam. “That’s the idea behind Hexacago Health Academy: helping people acquire deep knowledge of science and health issues by putting on the hat of a game designer.” Moreover, through the process of gameplay and design, students practice all the rich skills that result from teamwork, including collaborative learning, leadership, and communication.

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Hexacago Health Academy

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Gilliam, Melissa – MD, MPH
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The University of Chicago