The SEPA-sponsored program “This is How We ‘Role’” project is the recipient of INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine’s 2018 Inspiring Programs in STEM Award. The program’s long-term goal of diversifying the veterinarian workforce by engaging very young children’s interest in medicine for animals. The program’s success over the years, with its continuing and increasing nationwide distribution and its innate “gateway” to STEM careers, was the basis for the award.

Currently, nationwide distribution of “This is How We Role’” program is at 13 of the 30 U.S. veterinary medical colleges. In addition to the role modeling program, children’s e-books and an online game are available at no cost through the program website.

Our sincerest congratulations and thanks to the program’s PI, Sandra San Miguel, DVM, PhD, and her excellent team for earning this prestigious award.

Read the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine News Release.

Associated Project:
This Is How We “Role”: Inspiring future researchers through veterinary medicine