SimInsights, Inc.

20381 Lake Forest Dr, Ste B15 - Lake Forest, CA 92630-8109

SimInsights transforms training, sales, service, production and design by leveraging virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), simulation, sensing, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) across the totality of employee, customer and product life cycles. SimInsights is an award winning software and services company based in Lake Forest, California. Since 2009, SimInsights has been developing education and business software by leveraging unique skills in software, math, simulation, visualization and design. Our solutions accelerate learning, boost productivity, improve decision making and build insights.


  • Education and Training

    20381 Lake Forest Dr, Ste B15
    Lake Forest CA 92630-8109

    Games and sims are engaging everyone from infants learning to speak to retirees keeping their brains sharp. SimInsights award winning team has experience in leveraging research based methods to develop games that deliver results. We are often invited to collaborate with leading researchers to develop innovative games for learning and assessment.

    With students learning anytime, anywhere, how can instructors keep up with what their students already know and what they need to know? We have developed analytics driven dashboards that provide formative feedback to instructors so they can provide help when its most needed and keep students motivated and progressing toward their goals.

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    Rajesh Jha MBA Phone: 714-651-4104