Abha Verma, PhD

Primary Institution:
Xavier University of Louisiana
Department of Chemistry
Assistant Professor
Current SEPA Project

Abha Verma, an Assistant Professor of Chemistry and active organic chemist, will serve as a Co-Investigator (Co-I) on this project. Her research interests include developing and designing biologically active molecules based on the structure-activity relationships of the ligand protein-receptors interactions. Since 2012, she has been teaching General Chemistry labs, Organic Chemistry lectures, and Organic Chemistry labs at XULA. Dr. Verma is the Chair of the Graduate and Professional Development committee in Xavier’s Department of Chemistry.
Dr. Verma was one of the three founding members of the Graduate Chemical Society of UNO in 2008-09 and revived the Louisiana Section ACS’s Younger Chemists Committee (LSAC-YCC) in 2012-13. She was the chair of the LSAC-YCC for three years before “aging off” and has chaired the Louisiana Section ACS for one year. As her position as chair of LSAC, she routinely organized luncheons for high school science teachers of the city of New Orleans to discuss possibilities of collaboration with LSAC as well.

Associated SEPA Project(s)