Louisa A. Stark, PhD

Stark, Louisa A. – PhD
Primary Institution:
University of Utah
Department of Human Genetics
Professor of Human Genetics
Director, Genetic Science Learning Center
Director, Community Collaboration & Engagement Team, Utah Center for Clinical & Translational Science
Current SEPA Project

The 21st Century is the “age of the genome.” Scientific discoveries in the fields of genetics and genomics are transforming our knowledge of how organisms function and how genes and the environment interact. These insights have led to advances in medicine as well as our understanding of cell biology, evolutionary relationships, and ecology. Students, teachers and the public must be prepared to make informed decisions about health care, participation in research, use of genetically-modified agricultural products, public funding for stem cell research and evidence in criminal cases. In addition, the next generation of researchers are first inspired by knowledgeable K–12 teachers who employ scientifically accurate, up-to-date and engaging materials in the classroom.

To meet these needs, the Genetic Science Learning Center provides nationally and internationally-recognized resources and programs for students in grades 5–20, current and future teachers, and members of the public.

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