Don Rawitsch, PhD

Primary Institution:
MOAI Technologies, LLC
Educational Technology Product Developer

Don Rawitsch, PhD, is the Principal Investigator for a National Institutes of Health SBIR grant to develop interactive digital media to discourage tobacco and vapor use by middle school students. He has worked in educational technology for over 40 years, including staff and managerial positions in product and curriculum development, project management, and educator training. He has held executive positions at MECC, Jostens Learning, and CTB/McGraw-Hill, as well as serving as a consultant on a variety of educational technology product development projects. He is a co-inventor of the nationally known educational simulation game, Oregon Trail, enshrined in the World Video Game Hall of Fame of The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, NY. Don is currently located in the Denver, Colorado area.

Associated SEPA Project(s)