Julia Mcquillan, PhD

Primary Institution:
University of Nebraska Lincoln
Current SEPA Project

I am professor and chair of Sociology at the University of Nebraska. I have been working with Judy Diamond and her team since 2006. Through this connection I learned that applying Sociological theories and methods to questions about effective dissemination of emerging health science to broader publics and engaging youth in science is part of a whole field I had not known about – learning research. Working with a team that is seeking to understand fundamental processes and successful interventions related to science engagement and identity has been thrilling. We focus on social psychological, cultural, and structural dimensions of social interaction (including social networks) because efforts at any one level (e.g. institutional, interactional, or individual) have not been successful. I see efforts to removing artificial social barriers to science engagement (e.g. based on race, class, and gender) as contributing to reducing social inequality and empowering people from groups often marginalized (sometimes unintentionally) by media, entertainment, schools, and communities.

Associated SEPA Project(s)