Sondra M. LoRe, PhD

Primary Institution:
SPEAR Consultants
Current SEPA Project
  • Memphis STEM-M Ambassadors
    R25 GM150178-01 : 09/05/2023 - 08/31/2024

  • SPEAR is a consortium of independent consultants led by Dr. Sondra LoRe, specializing in
    the external evaluation of STEM education research programs. Current projects include
    private and public foundation awards and National Science Foundation (NSF) grants (ATE,
    S-STEM, REU, IUSE, RCN, NRT, IntBio, AISL, INCLUDES, NOYCE, and others). Other current
    and previous projects include awards from the National Institute for Health (NIH-SEPA), the
    Department of Education (DOE), and the United States Department of Agriculture – Science
    Education Foundation (USDA-SEF).
    As a women-led independent consultant group, Dr. LoRe applies her talents and experience
    to provide the same services as larger institutions by managing and leveraging associations
    to increase capacity when needed.
    Dr. LoRe’s business approach, evaluation expertise, and experience allow her to work
    closely with clients. SPEAR provides whole program evaluation with informative and
    summative feedback toward the goals of increased development and sustainability of your
    SPEAR can support evaluations of many sizes and scopes by utilizing other independent
    contractors when necessary, employing their specific talents to meet the client’s objectives
    related to impacts and outcomes. The professional associates who work with SPEAR are
    managed and funded directly by Dr. LoRe. Without the overhead of larger organizations or
    institutions, SPEAR can utilize evaluation dollars more efficiently to better serve your
    program. Dr. LoRe’s proficiency as an independent contractor can fully serve your evaluation
    and educational research needs.

    Please get in touch to discuss your program in more detail.

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