Molly L. Kelton, PhD

Kelton, Molly L – PhD
Primary Institution:
Washington State University
Education Outreach
Assistant Professor
Current SEPA Project

Dr. Molly Kelton aims to contribute to a world in which all members of society feel engaged and empowered to think deeply, expansively, and creatively about mathematics. Broadly, Dr. Kelton’s work seeks to critically examine and productively expand what counts as mathematics in contemporary society, with the goal of envisioning a more expansive and equitable mathematics education. Her research investigates mathematics learning in out-of-school time and across formal and informal environments, spanning K-12 classrooms, museums, maker spaces, and after-school clubs. She has contributed to research and design of several major mathematics exhibitions, including Math Moves! and Taping Shape. Across diverse settings, she also examines the role of physical movement and embodied experience in mathematical thinking and learning.