Lara Bethke, PhD

Primary Institution:
Health Resources In Action, Inc.
The LEAH Project
Chief Scientific Officer, Health Resources in Action
Current SEPA Project
  • Knox Scholars Data Science Research Program
    R25GM146278-02 : 09/09/2022 - 06/30/2027

  • Dr. Bethke received her BA from Duke University, her MFA from Colorado State University, and her PhD in Biological Sciences in Public Health from Harvard University, where she conducted genetic research in infectious diseases. As a former low-income high school student, high school teacher, and researcher, Dr. Bethke has a multi-dimensional perspective on the challenges facing the participants in the proposed Data Science Research Program. Her work designing, implementing, and evaluating research career development programs for diverse funders including the Wellcome Trust and numerous foundation clients of HRiA has given her insight on the factors needed to succeed in research, and the need to provide quality role models, mentoring, and research and educational experiences.

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