Maribel Campos Rivera, MD MSc MBA - HCM FAAP Dilp OM

Primary Institution:
University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus
Current SEPA Project
  • Semilla – planting the seeds of change for Puerto Rico
    R25GM137368 : 09/01/2021 - 06/30/2026

  • Dr. Maribel Campos Rivera is a Physician scientist, Board-Certified in Pediatrics, Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine, and Obesity Medicine, with degrees in Health Care Administration and Clinical Research. A Robert Wood Johnson Interdisciplinary Research Leaders Alumni with over 20 years of experience implementing diverse research designs. As a Professor of the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus, she has mentored trainees at different stages of training and backgrounds, allowing them to meet their community and be better equipped to address the social determinants of health. Her research work focuses on the effects of fetal and early childhood exposures on health across the lifespan. Her trajectory includes community action projects fostering a culture of health through system alignment, science education, and interdisciplinary care. Her team collaborates with community-based and professional organizations to develop and implement evidence-based solutions that are placed based and community informed. Her role within the Voices for Healthy Kids community, supported by the American Heart Association, is just one example of their contributions towards health equity. She is the founder and Director of the Center for Community Outreach for Health Across the Lifespan and a member of the Board of Directors of the Puerto Rico College of Physicians and Surgeons as President of the Research and Technological Development Institute. Her commitment to improving the adoption rate of healthy lifestyles fueled her transition from NICU Medical Director to Founder of Emerge, a public benefit corporation dedicated to family-based functional healthcare.

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