SEPA 2010: Annual NIH-NCRR Science Education Partnership Award Conference

Networking: SEPA Projects and Partnerships

When:April 11-14, 2010
Where:McWane Science Center, Birmingham, AL

The SEPA 2010: NCRR Science Education Partnership Award Annual Conference was held April
11-14 in Birmingham, AL. Principal Investigators, staff, evaluators, and teachers from 81 SEPA
projects as well as NIH NCRR staff members and other interested individuals participated in the
Conference; a total of 200 individuals attended.

The Conference theme, “Networking: SEPA Projects and Partnerships” was addressed in plenary
and breakout sessions. The Conference also provided opportunities for updates by NIH staff,
panel presentations by teachers and students who are involved in SEPA projects, sharing
educational materials that SEPA projects have developed, discussing evaluation methods and
tools, networking and information exchange among SEPA projects.