Microbes of New York – AMNH


Inspired by THE SECRET WORLD INSIDE YOU exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History, a project began to document some of the thousands of microbial species that inhabit New York City. Here are five of their stories.

The organisms featured in this video were all found on PathoMap—a project from Weill Cornell Medical College researcher Chris Mason and colleagues that collected genetic samples from all over public spaces in New York to learn which microbes call the city home.

Check out a Q&A with Chris Mason here: http://www.amnh.org/explore/news-blog…

This video is part of #MicrobeWeek, when the Museum is teaming up with a trio of awesome science shows—Science Friday, BrainCraft, and Gross Science—to feature new YouTube videos and other content devoted to microscopic organisms and inspired by THE SECRET WORLD INSIDE YOU exhibition.