Preschool Education in Applied Sciences (PEAS) Learning Community Guide

PEAS Learning Community Guide
Download: PEAS Learning Community Guide PEAS Learning Community Guide


The collaborative nature of the Professional Learning Communities makes it a powerful tool of teaching and learning. There is no built-in hierarchy within the group, rather the motto of the group is “learning for all”, where all teachers’ learn and assist each other to improve their teaching practices/efficacy, which ultimately impacts student learning. However, prior research indicates that Learning Communities in the preschool setting need additional support to ensure effectiveness and long-term sustainability.

Therefore, the PEAS Learning Community Guide introduces the purpose of PEAS Learning Communities, provides model Learning Community meeting agendas, and provides content-specific background information related to Learning Community topics. Each of these features of the guide was designed to serve as a framework for teachers to learn how to lead quality professional learning communities in the preschool setting!