Gene Therapy

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  • What is Gene Therapy? The what’s and why’s of gene therapy research
  • Challenges in Gene Therapy
  • Approaches to Gene Therapy: Beyond adding a working copy of a broken gene, gene therapy can also repair or eliminate broken genes
  • Gene Therapy Successes
  • Gene Therapy Case Study: Cystic Fibrosis

Online Interactives

  • Gene Delivery Tools of the Trade: Explore the methods of delivering genes into cells
  • Space Doctor: Design and test gene therapy treatments with ailing aliens

Classroom Materials

  • How do Viruses Recognize a Target Cell? Demonstration and cut-out models
  • Patient Education Brochure exploring risks and challenges associated with gene therapy
  • Positions, Beliefs, and Values of Gene Therapy
  • Vector Selector: A look at the different ways gene therapy is used


Resource Contact:
Stark, Louisa A. – PhD