Watch Your Mouth! Discover What’s Alive Inside: The Amazing Microworld of Tongue Fuzz and Bad Breath

Published:2016, Bitingduck Press
Altadena, CA
Authors:Allison, L., Smith, R. and Diamond, J.

microbes, personal hygiene, health, disease, youth literature

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There are more microbes in your mouth than there are people on earth. Right now billions and billions of fungi, bacteria and viruses are coating your tongue, scumming up your teeth and flavoring your breath. Horrible? Maybe. Healthy? Most certainly!
Your mouth hosts an amazing array of critters. And why not? It’s a wet, warm cave, washed with a constant food supply. It’s a perfect place for a microbe to thrive. For every human cell ,in your body you have four bacterial cells. Worried? Don’t be. In fact, having a good mix of microbes keeps you healthy. In many ways your mouth is a living lab… and you are the lab master. Open wide and discover, experiment, observe. Get friendly with your billions of secret micro pals. This book tells you how and why to Watch Your Mouth!