Ta’nadiingo: Innovation, Community, and Perseverance at Diné College

Published:2024, Tribal College Journal of American Indian Higher Education
Andrea Christelle. 2024. Ta’nadiingo: Innovation, Community, and Perseverance at Diné College. Volume 35, No. 4 - April 25, Summer 2024.
Authors:Andrea Christelle

“Ta’nadiingo—All 20"; Indigenous communities; Resilience; Commitment to Education; “learner” to “creator.”

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In the face of unprecedented challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Diné College, America’s first tribal college, emerged as a beacon of resilience and innovation. The phrase “Ta’nadiingo—All 20!” encapsulates the spirit of the college, reflecting the unwavering commitment to overcoming obstacles with all available resources. “All 20” means with all 10 fingers and all 10 toes. You put everything you have into it. This phrase embodied the attitude of college students, teachers, and leaders as they worked to overcome the obstacles that followed in the pandemic’s wake.

Diné College demonstrated resilience through the creation of new programs, investment in technology, commitment to student readiness, pursuit of economic development, and the establishment of a thriving research office. The college recognized that important parts of resilience are readiness and resources. The research office played a key role in helping stakeholders across the campus secure resources and bring their visions to reality with the help of outside agencies and organizations. Part of Diné College’s internal tenacity was secured by forming new and productive external relationships.