Authentic Literacy and Language (ALL) for Science: A Curriculum Framework to Incorporate Science-Specific Disciplinary Literacies into the Elementary Classroom

Published:2020, Journal of STEM Outreach
Vol. 3, Issue 1, November, 2020
Authors:Moreno N, Newell A, Sailors M, Garay D

STEM integration, disciplinary literacy, reading and science, science education, K-3 science

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Early elementary students are not typically introduced to science-specific disciplinary literacies – the specific ways in which scientists use and interpret language – even though authentic experiences with literacy strategies and tools used within the field may help incorporate learners into the scientific community of practice. The lack of freely available easy-to-use resources to build these literacies in the early elementary classroom may be a contributing factor. The Authentic Literacy and Language (ALL) for Science curriculum framework was developed as a deliberate approach to teach disciplinary literacies in the context of science using three distinct components: Science Investigations, Mini-lessons, and Science Inquiry Circles. Here we outline the development of the curriculum framework and a pilot of a 2nd grade unit based on the framework to teach concepts related to heredity and life cycles. We present findings from the pilot and discuss future directions and implications for the development and implementation of curricular materials using the ALL for Science curriculum framework.

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