Hawaii Science Career Inspiration (HiSCI)

  • Abstract

    The goal of the Hawaii Science Career Inspiration grant (HiSCI) is to enhance science education resources and training available to teachers and students in disadvantaged communities of Hawaii in order to ensure a maximally large and diverse workforce to meet the nation’s biomedical, behavioral and clinical research needs.

    The HiSCI Program will build on the knowledge gained from two past SEPA grants and the University of Hawaii Center for Cardiovascular Research and leverage resources from all corners of the state to accomplish four specific aims:

    1. Increase student interest and exposure to health science careers by providing multiple science exposure opportunities and mentoring along the primary, intermediate, and secondary school experiences for at least 300 students a year and a printed and web-based STEM career resource guide and career posters to alert students, counselors and teachers to all available opportunities.
    2. Provide professional development for 20 middle and high school teachers a year, to include scientific content and foster an understanding of the scientific research process, in addition to medical students mentoring intermediate and high school students.
    3. Listen, respond to, and connect the science teacher community in Hawaii by holding innovative listening groups for teachers across the state.
    4. Provide tools and supplies for at least twenty K-12 classrooms a year through a mini-grant process and alert teachers across the state to free resources both locally and nationally.

    The HiSCI Program is highly relevant to Hawaii’s public health and science infrastructure as it will provide an innovative way to gain knowledge of science training needs and will provide many of the resources to teachers and students across the state by leveraging, communicating and sharing existing resources.

  • Dissemination Strategies

    HiSCI will utilize existing AHEC and Cardiovascular Research Center programs and collaborate with the Hawaii Department of Education (DOE) to develop new activities and curricula for K-12 students. HiSCI will recruit teachers for training, host teacher focus groups, and disseminate resources to DOE classrooms.

  • Project Evaluation(s)

    Front-end, formative and summative methods will be used to evaluate HiSCI programs. The Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL) will provide external evaluation of selected activities.

  • Resources for Sharing

    HiSCI will provide middle and high school teacher training in molecular biology techniques. Hawaii K-12 teachers are invited to attend focus group meetings and apply for classroom resources. There will be specific activities and resources for K-12 students interested in health careers, including the Teen Health Camp, the Speaker’s Bureau and mentoring by medical students. A hard copy of the Health Careers Book will be supplied to all K-12 DOE schools and will be accessible online.

  • Additional Information

    Publications None – first year of grant.

Project Audience

K-12 students, teachers, and STEM collaborators

Subjects Addressed

Activities for K-12 students; resources and focus groups for K-12 teachers; highlighting biomedical, behavioural and clinical research careers.