December 1, 2018, marks the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day. There has been significant progress in treatment and knowledge since 1988. However, HIV/AIDS continues to be a major threat, largely due to ongoing ignorance about the disease. Young people, especially, continue to be highly vulnerable.

One SEPA-funded project, MicroMatters, addresses the challenge by enabling middle- and high-school students to act as epidemiologists, as they research facts and use real data to track the spread of the disease around the world. Essays and activities in The Science of HIV/AIDS Teacher’s are supplemented by readings in the student magazine, X-Times: Microbes, an in-depth teaching slide set, and associated resources.

Published in Health Education Journal (2018), the article “Linking science education and HIV using viral biology, epidemiology and science practices” provides pre- and post-evaluation results of the project.

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