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  • Department of Physical Sciences, Department of Chemistry

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    The Department of Physical Sciences is composed by 20 enthusiastic professors with different training background in the fields of Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, Planetary and Space Sciences, and Space Instrumentation. Each semester about 400 students take two courses with its corresponding laboratories from the above areas with a vast majority been non-science oriented. The academic community, students, professors and other personnel from the Department of Physical Sciences at the College of General Studies, constituted as an academic and administrative division, has the mission of: 1. Address their own study objects (analyzed through concepts, methodologies and epistemological positions) in a dialogical, creative, investigative, integrative, critical, collaborative and socially committed attitude. 2. Offer a varied curriculum, that includes the required courses for graduation and electives, as well as other educational experiences, which contribute to a comprehensive student training, in relation to the objects of study that are associated to the field of Physical Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Earth and Space Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences and Oceanographic Sciences) and physical technologies while including the study of the design, operation of computers and its applications. The Department of Chemistry is located in the College of Natural Sciences of the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. It is accredited by the American Chemical Society and by the Middle States Association of Universities and Colleges. The department has a permanent teaching faculty of 27 (in tenured or tenure-track positions), 17 of which are active researchers in the following areas: electrochemistry, organic synthesis, crystallography, photochemistry, biochemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, laser spectroscopy, marine natural products, theoretical chemistry and environmental analytical chemistry.

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    Orestes Quesada PhD Phone: (787) 645-7175


    Michelle Borrero Phone: (787) 764-0000, Ext. 88027