Rockman et al

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Suite 1320 - San Francisco, CA 94105-1869

Rockman et al is an independent evaluation, research, and consulting firm focusing on studies of education, technology, and media. We offer more than twenty-five years of experience in conducting rigorous, independent evaluations and research on educational programs and products.


  • STEM Education

    201 Mission Street Suite 1320
    San Francisco CA 94105-1869

    Rockman et al examines issues in science education across grade levels, disciplines, and learning environments, ranging from museums, to K-12 schools, to summer camps and after-school programs. We have developed a strong reputation for providing research and evaluation in the area of informal learning initiatives in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), particularly as external evaluators for projects funded by NSF, NIH, and NASA. Many of our STEM education projects utilize our expertise in media and technology. We have examined STEM learning in the context of websites, apps, public television and radio series, digital badge systems, 3-D movies and art education.