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    The NeuroLab program provides high school students with a rare glimpse into the daily practice of science and affords them a unique opportunity to experience how biomedical research is conducted in real-world scientific settings. The program unfolds within an extremely nurturing but intellectually challenging environment that requires a full commitment on the part of each student. As part of this commitment, prospective applicants are expected to extensively review each section of this web page and to discuss their intent to apply with a parent or legal guardian before submitting an online application for consideration by our review committee. NeuroLab employs a comprehensive application process to ensure that only the most motivated and dedicated students are selected to participate as collaborative team members in this exciting, rewarding, and unique research experience.

    Throughout the NeuroLab experience, students explore the fascinating interrelationships among model organisms, model systems, and scientific models – they learn how scientists peer into the nervous system and study the role of genes and gene products in establishing connectivity among neurons – and they apply state-of-the-art genetic techniques, molecular visualization tools, and computational methods to contribute new data that will aid scientists in their quest to unravel the mysteries of neural development.

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