Gregory L. Vogt, EdD

Primary Institution:
Baylor College of Medicine
Center for Educational Outreach
Assistant Professor
School of Health Professions

Curriculum Developer, Author and Educator Trainer
Center for Educational Outreach
Current SEPA Project
  • K-3 STEM Foundations: Life Science
    R25OD021865-01 : 06/01/2016 - 05/31/2021

  • Originally, I came to Baylor College of Medicine’s Center for Educational Outreach to support its educational outreach grants with the National Space Biomedical Research Institute. Since that time, I have developed and authored curriculum guides and student books, trained teachers in professional development workshops, and taught students in the Center’s summer outreach programs.

    Independently, I have authored more than 100 children’s and adult science trade books, and continue to serve as a consultant to space museums and space education programs across the country.

    But the most personally and professionally rewarding work for me is when I see people of all ages discover that science is fun.

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