Rosemary A.. Riggs, PhD

Primary Institution:
Texas Biomedical Research Institute

Dr. Rosemary Riggs develops and oversees the implementation of Education Outreach Programs for the Texas Biomed Education Program. With over 23 years-experience as an educator, she is the main liaison between area schools and Texas Biomed. Dr. Riggs provides professional development programs for teachers, generates original curricular resources connecting current infectious disease research to classroom content, and engages area students and teachers with scientists to showcase bioscience career pathways. She oversees the in person and virtual tour programs at Texas Biomed, expanding the virtual tour program to provide opportunity for students from distant regions to learn about bioscience research careers and the important research conducted at Texas Biomed. Dr. Riggs provides professional development programs for teachers which include curriculum development and assessment, emphasis on data-driven evidence to inform teaching practices, and innovative strategies to connect classroom experiences to bioscience career opportunities for students. Dr. Riggs is an experienced science teacher, having taught chemistry and Advanced Placement Chemistry for 10 years at an urban high school serving a majority-minority student population. After earning a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from UT San Antonio, she transitioned to a position at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio (UTHSA) where for 11 years she developed and conducted professional development programs for science teachers, helping teachers connect current science research with classroom content. Dr. Riggs has a PhD in Adult, Professional, and Community Education from Texas State University.

Associated SEPA Project(s)