SEPA Programs Since 1991

SEPA was created to encourage active biomedical and/or behavioral scientists to work as partners with educators, media experts, community leaders, and other interested organizational leaders on projects that improve student understanding of the health sciences in K-12 education, and increase the public’s understanding of science. Since 1991, the program has been administered by the National Center for Research Resources, National Institutes of Health. To date, 150 SEPA awards have been distributed across the United States.

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Programs like I.N.Q.U.I.R.E. allow us to learn from the BEST and then transfer that knowledge into usable lessons and activities for our kids.”
Lee Ann Young – a Biology teacher from Hondo High School, TX in Positively Aging: Optimizing Mobility Across Life program

Our Coordinator was delivering a biotech kit to a teacher and her comment was ‘here comes the ice cream truck for science teachers.‘”
Charlotte Mulvihill – Project Investigator for Biotechnology/Bioinformatics Discovery!